Traditionally, lens companies design their lenses to correct vision one eye at a time.
First, they correct the vision in one eye
Then they correct the vision in the other eye.
What happens is that, even though the prescription gives you clear vision in each eye, the image size and the motion demand may be different from one eye to the other. That’s called aniseikonia and it causes all kinds of unnecessary stress and strain.
Glasses can cause all kinds of problems


the minute you put them on


yes it could be your glasses

Rub eyes

for relief

Tilt head

to focus

Turn head not eyes

instead of turning eyes

Pull down nose

to look over glasses

Close one eye

to read

Take them off

to rest tired eyes

No wonder
you don’t like wearing glasses.

Now it wasn’t your doctor’s fault, no one has been talking about this problem (it’s called aniseikonia) because no one has had a solution… until now

The SHAW™ lens fixes problems others create

The SHAW lens is unique. The patent-pending technology of the
SHAW lens takes into account how both eyes work together.

SHAW lens wearers report:

  • bigger binocular field of view
  • reduced distortion
  • less eye strain
  • fewer headaches
  • more comfort from the moment they put them on

In fact, we’re so confident that our approach to lens design makes such a difference that we make this promise: Love your SHAW lenses from the moment you put them on or your money back.

The Love at First Sight Guarantee

You shouldn’t have to “get used” to your SHAW lenses. In fact, if you don’t think your SHAW lenses are the best you’ve worn from the minute you put them on – then we’ll make it right or give you a full refund*. It’s that simple.

*Guarantee applies to lenses only. If you have problem adapting to your SHAW lenses, please report to your dispensing optometrist within 90 days of purchase. Shaw Lens Inc. will replace your lenses free of charge to make it right. If you still aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund the original wholesale cost of the lenses to your optometrist. This comfort guarantee does not replace the 2-year manufactures quality warranty.