Lens Options

Progressive Lenses

The SHAW PAL lens is a European design that gets modified using the SHAW lens algorithm to manage aniseikonia. Our PAL lens characteristics offer a wide viewing distance area and an optimized reading zone that the SHAW lens design software calculates automatically. Corridor length is specified to deliver a comfortable 23 ° of downward gaze for reading. This differs from the usual pre-set amount that may or may not work with the actual frame the patient chooses.

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Single Vision Lenses

Even a small degree of aniseikonia can be problematic – even for people who don’t need progressive lenses. The SHAW lens can make a difference to moderate myopes, anisometropes, ambyopes and frames with a face form angle greater than five degrees.

Multifocal lenses

Let’s face it, not everyone likes progressive lenses. The SHAW lens is available for traditional bifocals as well, and offers the same solution for aniseikonia and other lens-induced distortions.

Coatings and tints

All of our lenses come with anti-reflection, hydro (water repellent) and oleo (oil repellent) coatings at no extra charge. Tints, polarization and Transitions® are all available.

Lens material

The SHAW lens is available in a wide range of lens materials, power range and corridor length that you’d expect a leading lens company to offer. But that’s where the similarity ends. With the SHAW lens system the practitioner doesn’t need to specify base curve, index, thickness or corridor length because the sophisticated SHAW lens software does that for each patient. It’s the simplest and most sure fire way to get the best vision for every patient.

Full range of lenses available

Lens material SV PAL BF
1.5 C,T,P C,T,P
1.6 C,T,P C,T,P C
1.67 C,T,P C,T,P C
1.59 C,T,P C,T,P C,T
1.53 C,T C,T
1.74 C C
C : Clear and tintable, T: Transitions® Brown, Gray P: Polarized Brown and Gray

The Love at First Sight Guarantee

You shouldn’t have to “get used” to your SHAW lenses. In fact, if you don’t think your SHAW lenses are the best you’ve worn from the minute you put them on – then we’ll make it right or give you a full refund. It’s that simple. Please make any claims within 90 days of receipt of lenses.