Traditional lens design makes one fundamental mistake: It doesn’t take into account the way both eyes work together. The result is glasses-induced distortion that can be as uncomfortable as uncorrected vision. The SHAW™ lens is different. Our patent-pending system accommodates the way both eyes work together to solve for both dynamic and static aniseikonia. This dramatically reduces the distortion caused by other lenses. The effect is a more comfortable experience that can reduce eye strain and result in fewer headaches.

A great tool for all prescriptions

Shaw Lens Inc. has a solution for all of your patients. The SHAW lens design software customizes the lens design even when aniseikonia is not present. Innovative technology including index optimization, 3D corridor length calculation and frame design suitability enhance your clinical effectiveness.

“Best practice” for the most challenging patients

  • Acquired anisometropia due to surgery (keratoplasty, refractive, cataract, retinal repair)
  • Acquired anisometropia due to cataract development
  • Congenital or developmental anisometropia entering into first eyeglasses or multifocals
  • Amblyopia (straight eye, refractive), treated without the use of patching
  • Asymmetrical astigmatism
  • Myopes and hyperopes choosing frames with face form angles greater than five degrees
  • Patients requiring prescribed prism
  • Contact lens wearers – less barrel distortion and quicker adaptation
  • Occasional eyeglasses wearers (part-time wearers)