I couldn’t believe the difference. I spent the first 3 days walking around like a kid saying “wow”.
– Janet Alexander

They are amazing. …I’ve never had vision as good as I have with my new glasses.
– Jane Robertson

Just awesome. I feel like I don’t have glasses, and my vision is perfect again.
– Evan Freidman

The headaches are very infrequent, now that I changed glasses.
– Evan Freidman

What I noticed when I first put these glasses on was a crispness and clarity.
– Kristina Roberts

I do not have the “end-of-the-day” headache or tired eyes that I have become so accustomed.
– Kristina Roberts

It is absolutely natural. Feels like I don’t have glasses at all.
– Evan Freidman

These new glasses are a relief.
– Evan Freidman

– Steve Gold OD

the best progressive lens by far with the least distortion they have ever experienced.
– Alan Glazier OD

I think this lens will be a game changer for us and further differentiate us from the pack.
– Altaz Shajani OD

majority of patients have a wow experience and said it’s the best lens they’ve ever worn
– Altaz Shajani OD

I had a 57 year old Executive Engineer pick up his glasses today with the Shaw progressives and he almost started crying when he put them on and wanted to hug my optician, he said these are the first pair of glasses that he can see clearly with and don’t make him nauseous.
– Altaz Shajani OD

Made my day as I remember having sleepless nights over his case the last time.
– Altaz Shajani OD

Dispensed SHAW lens, and patient won’t stop wearing the glasses. “I’ve never seen this clear up close.”
– Graham Rasanen OD

I just used the Shaw lens on two difficult patients with amazing results! Thank you for making me look like a hero!
– Debby Lowy OD

The patient texted me Day One (unsolicted) and now all through the holiday – Holy Cow! Very happy patient.
– Graham Rasanen OD

She would take her glasses off to read (i think physio 360?), now she will not take off the glasses at all.
– Graham Rasanen OD

Peter Shaw is the Ernst Abbe of our age too, maybe the top Progressive lens expert in the world right now.
– Van Rue, Optical nerd

Really love glasses. Can definitely tell the difference
– Gerald Meisbauer

Better than last glasses, no blurriness off to the side like before. Very happy.
– David Mael

Doing great, could tell difference right away. Vision is much better. Very happy.
– Richard Beahm

Clear sees well. They’re heavier than he’s used to but he’s seeing better & more clearly.
– Geoffery Gilbert

Noted at dispense how much better these were than other glasses. Said they were awesome.
– Karen Hall

Sees better than he could with other glasses, no double lines when he drives anymore, very happy.
– Roger Johnson

She is very happy. Says she’s doing well, notices she does not have as much eye strain as she did with Custom PAL.
– Jean Rogers

Very excited about vision in these glasses and said they were awesome.
– Irene Katzenberger

Says they’re awesome, things weren’t “Tipped” anymore. Lenses are clearer and things aren’t lopsided.
– Lamonte Herpel

Said he could not tell the difference between previous glasses and these.
– James Price

He is thrilled with these glasses. He can see things he couldn’t before. Did not have anything negative to say.
– Walter Thole

Per Dr. S she is seeing much better, balance is better too.
– Marion Joyce

So far so good, has not had headaches for a few days so she’s happy. Dr. Schaller said RX did not change that much, just new technology helping her.
– Linda Knight

Dr. Ito, my new lenses are amazing. I’ve never seen clearer.
– Patient of Sarah Ito, OD

I have never adjusted to new lenses and a new prescription as easily as I have been able to adjust to my new SHAW lenses. The end result has been much better than I expected when compared to other experiences that I’ve had with purchasing new, prescription eye-wear. I will certainly be back next time that I need glasses
– Patient of Altaz Shajani OD

I was at a health fair today and while at my booth Pierrete Paquin came up to me raving about her SHAW lenses.
– Ian Edmison OD

Patient yesterday dispensed Shaw single vision lenses. -3.25 OD/OS, usually wears contact lenses and visually sensitive type. Could “never wear” eyeglasses unless sitting still. No way could drive while wearing eyeglasses.

I made myself available for the dispensing -> almost a religious experience. Very happy. I then showed him the new marketing video and he exclaimed “that is me!”
– Jack D. Miller, OD

I’ve been dispensing SHAW lenses since last year and have put over 150 patients in them – including me. The SHAW lens is the ULTIMATE lens for all wearers! The best for vision and comfort all in one.
– Connie Tang

They are awesome lenses! They truly are the most comfortable lenses that I have ever worn, and I don’t even have any anisometropia! (-6.00 ou with +1.50D Add)
– Connie Tang

My 8-year old daughter was diagnosed with Amblyopia about a year and a half ago. We tried the eye patch method (which was recommended by our Optometrist). It was a struggle from the start to get her to patch for the suggested time frame and in the end, it failed miserably. We gave the Shaw Lens a try. After a few hours, I asked my daughter how she liked her new glasses. Her response was “I can see!! Out of BOTH eyes!”. A big thanks to Shaw Lens!!
– Shari Keyes-Williams

Love my glasses with the Shaw Lens. I have a relatively weak prescription that would not normally call for the Shaw Lens but with them my vision is clear and undistorted no matter what way I look through the lenses. A minor but major improvement to my vision
– David Scanlon