Refractive surgery

Post-Lasik regression. Age 57.

Refractive error

Sphere Cylinder Axis Add PD
OD -2.50 -0.25 90 2.00 30
OS -0.75 2.00 30

Motor fusion limits @ 6 m

2.5 2.5 4 12

Frame data

Eye DBL Wrap Vertex Height
50 18 7 12 17

This patient had monovision PRK for high myopia. Over time there had been regression, and an enhancement procedure was not a treatment option. Because of her history of nearsightedness, she had reasonably good motor fusion facility. SHAW lens technology managed the resultant dynamic aniseikonia to maintain an aesthetically acceptable solution for her chosen rimless frame.

Conventional lens

SHAW lens

Binocularity is greatly enhanced with the SHAW design, without any increase in centre thickness. The reading area is well within the patient’s range of motor fusion facility.