Low myopia with low motor fusion limits. Age 57.

Refractive error

Sphere Cylinder Axis Add PD
OD -1.00 -0.25 90 2.00 32
OS -1.75 2.00 32

Motor fusion limits @ 6 m

0.5 0.5 2.5 12

Frame data

Eye DBL Wrap Vertex Height
50 18 5 10 20

Optometrists know that some patients adapt well to eyeglasses and others don’t. Motor fusion facility often holds the key to predicting how patients may fail to adapt. This patient presented with discomfort from her habitual spectacles, stating that she only felt comfortable while looking through the centres of her lenses. Of clinical relevance here are the low motor fusion limits. This case clearly demonstrates that even a mild degree of anisometropia can be problematic. This is easily and accurately predicted through standard motor fusion testing by the optometrist, assisted by the SHAW lens design software. The resultant SHAW lens satisfies the motor fusion requirements.

Conventional lens

SHAW lens

Note how the patient’s limited motor facility has severely restricted the binocular field. The SHAW lens significantly improves comfort by ensuring all values fall well within the patient’s tolerance.