Bilateral pseudophakia. Age 68.

Refractive error

Sphere Cylinder Axis Add PD
OD +1.00 -1.25 100 2.50 31
OS -0.75 -0.75 75 2.50 30

Motor fusion limits @ 6 m

2 2 4 8

Frame data

Eye DBL Wrap Vertex Height
56 18 6 12 20

This patient had a typical outcome from her bilateral cataract surgery, with a resultant 1.75D of anisometropia. She only wears her glasses part-time (mainly for television and reading) and prefers progressive lenses. Without the SHAW lens design, she would be diplopic at near gaze and might never have adapted to her eyeglasses. With the SHAW lens, she experienced single vision in the areas of gaze. She reported that she had absolutely no problem adapting to her glasses even though she only wore them part-time, since SHAW lenses are designed to have almost no negative effect on dynamic or static magnification.

Conventional lens

SHAW lens

Note how all aniseikonia values are improved over conventional designs, and how they all fall well within the patient’s measured vergence facility.