Adult refractive amblyopia with unequal hyperopia. Age at first treatment: 44.

Refractive error

Sphere Cylinder Axis Add PD
OD +5.00 -0.50 180 1.75 36
OS +2.50 -0.50 180 1.75 36

Motor fusion limits @ 6 m

2 2 4 10

Frame data

Eye DBL Wrap Vertex Height
50 18 5 12 20

This patient initially presented at age 44 with +1.25 OU with a 2.00 add. Her best corrected visual acuities were OD 20/200, OS 20/20. An iseikonic (0%) design was prescribed to treat the amblyopia. The patient wore these glasses full-time without patching, and within 1 month her acuity with full line presentation had improved to OD 20/50, OS 20/20; after 6 months, OD 20/32, OS 20/20; and at 5 years, it is OD 20/25, OS 20/20.

This case clearly demonstrates that there is no cut-off age for treating binocular and sensory dysfunction. The patient was amazed at the rapidity of the improvement. Needless to say, she is a big fan of the SHAW lens after having been told for 40 years that there was no cure for her “lazy eye.”

Conventional lens

SHAW lens

Not only is the static aniseikonia corrected, but the prismatic effect is reduced in the progressive reading zone.